How Sharetribe helps entrepreneurs in 6 continents launch their marketplace businesses

November 7, 2017

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The opening day of Slush 2014 was a big day for Sharetribe. We opened up our “create your own online marketplace” platform globally and introduced a tool that anyone can use to create such a site online – in 60 seconds!

We also released our latest funding round. Reaktor Polte doubled down on their initial seed round and were joined by Lifeline Ventures and Tekes for this new bigger round.

Our big launch was featured in big tech publications including TechCrunch and The Next Web. The results were staggering: after the launch, almost 3000 people in 130+ countries have created their own marketplace site with our platform and started their free 30-day trial. We now have paying customers in all six continents, from Australia to Tunisia, and from Canada to Chile.

Things have changed fast. When Reaktor Polte invested the first time, we had just pivoted and only had a few pilot customers testing our new model. We only had two people in the team: the founders. Last year, the company grew to nine people. Reaktor’s help in coaching us to work together as an effective software team has been really valuable in getting us where we are now.

Launch your marketplace today

Our big discovery came in 2013: there’s an enormous amount of people in the world with great marketplace ideas in mind, but most of them don’t know anything about programming. Since they’re individual people, they often lack the resources to hire a freelancer and pay them to develop their site. And even if they do, lots of precious time and money is wasted before they are able to test their concept with real users by launching their very first minimum viable product.

The key idea behind Sharetribe is to make it easy and affordable for anyone to create their own marketplace site, without any tech skills. To achieve this, we’ve gone out of our way to automate all the steps required in setting up your site, from handling payment system bureaucracy to customizing the browsing filters. The results are unique, even on a global scale. There’s no other platform that would allow you to set up, configure and launch an entire marketplace website in just a few minutes.

What’s been a real positive surprise for us is the endless creativity of our customers – the amazing entrepreneurs from all around the world whose marketplaces we’re now happy to be powering. Every country has their own specialities. In Oklahoma it might be a consignment marketplace for rodeo queens. Milan is all about fashion, so it’s only fitting they now have a marketplace for setting up a pop-up clothing boutique. Canada is one of the biggest producers of Agricultural products, so Airbnb for farming equipment fits in the picture.

Do you an idea for your own marketplace concept? Launch it today with Sharetribe!

– Juho Makkonen

CEO of Sharetribe

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