How do the mindsets of entrepreneurs and consultants differ?

July 17, 2015

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I am one of this year’s summer employees and a Reaktor Academy graduate. Last year, I had a summer internship at an ambitious startup. I really enjoyed working as a member of a dynamic team, and I felt that my work was important for the future of startup.

Now, as a consultant of a top-notch technology company, I recognize many similarities, but also some clear differences. Startups and consultants use the same agile practices in their daily work. Both trust in independent, small teams. Both love their post-its. But the mindset of work, the answer to the question “why I love my work” is different.

An entrepreneur often thinks the following way:

  • “I can do my own thing. A full ownership of what I am doing feels really good.”
  • “I have a chance to be involved in everything in my company. I can participate in programming, UX design, sales and marketing at the same time.”
  • “I have endless possibilities. I have the power to choose the direction in which my business is going.”

A consultant usually has a different approach:

  • “I can help other people. Breaking down their complex problems and finding beautiful solutions feels rewarding.”
  • “I have a chance to specialize in some specific topic. I can become the best coder or visual designer in the world.”
  • “I have a limited scope. I feel relaxed, because there aren’t too many moving parts.”

I like both of these mindsets. On one hand, the drive and enthusiasm of startups is awesome. On the other hand, at Reaktor, I have a network of super-talented specialists around me. Everyone is eager to help each other.

The thing I find most fascinating is that startups and consultants can learn from each other. Reaktor Polte, for example, has done a good job in creating dialog between entrepreneurs and specialists. My friends who work in Polte startups have said that the help from Reaktorians has been invaluable, and my workmates at Reaktor have learned a lot as well.

My dream somewhere in the future is to be a founder of a startup, and support from a network like Polte would be valuable.

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