And the finalists of Hello World Open 2014 are..!

May 9, 2014

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Hello World Open 2014 is the first ever Coding World Championships event arranged by Reaktor and Supercell. The idea is simple: develop an AI for a race car, become World Champion. The finals will take place in Helsinki, Finland, on the 10th of June. 

Amazing how fast the HWO-spring has gone by. It has all been very exciting: communities have formed, exciting races have been driven, thousands and thousands of lines of code have been written.

This week was the time for things to start getting really interesting. On Wednesday the 7th, it was time to pack up the computers, migrate to Cafe Mascot and watch the qualification rounds of Hello Region 2 – Europe and Africa, that is – go down.

The venue is busying up long before the races are scheduled to begin. Members of teams Sauron, Resocar, Juups, Y-combimotor, Project D, Zero Reaction, Epic Fail, Prumprum and Barton Fan Club have all come to cheer their bots to victory. Both the coders and the code-minded toast with beer while sporting Hello World Open -headbands and playfully challenging their fellow competitors. The unusual sporting event seems to be off to a great start.

And what a sporting event it does indeed turn out to be. The race is divided into five rounds, which altogether take about one and a half hour. The atmosphere is almost giddy – the audience is spontaneously cheering, clapping and laughing in unison.

Rounds go by and the crowd grows more anxious. Every lap that gets won makes everybody erupt in cheers. On round four, only 12 teams remain fighting for the two precious spots in the finals. And indeed, as Need for C from Poland and Scientific Method from Slovakia race their way to Helsinki in June, you can almost smell the rubber burning. Well done!

All Hello Regions have now completed qualifications – congratulations also to the finalists of Hello Regions 1 and 3, Itarama and Working minds from Brazil and Fireedge and Che from Russia.

One of the teams will be crowned world’s best coders. Who’s it gonna be? See you in Finland, guys…

Want to read more about the competing teams or feel the general vibe of Hello World Open? Visit the official blog right here:

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