Forbes features our human approach to technology

October 8, 2018

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In a new piece for Forbes, our North American CEO Eetu explains why we work in embedded teams

Reaktor is well-known as an agency for building its digital products and services on-site with the client. For Forbes, our North American CEO Eetu wrote about the advantages of that approach. We take our espresso machines and house plants to our clients’ offices and become one with their teams. Our work is, at its core, unconditionally human: built by people, for people, solving real human needs. We believe great working relationships lead to even greater technological breakthroughs.

With over ten years of experience working in software and tech management across continents, Eetu cuts through the hot air of agency talk to show not just why we need embedded teams but also why collaborative working results in more robust problem-solving. Whether it’s organizing ourselves in self-managing teams and working in an agile manner or passing on know-how from the agency to the client firm, our unique approach is unparalleled in the tech industry.

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