Finnish technology providers launch Digital Defence Ecosystem

February 10, 2023

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Digital Defence Ecosystem, DDE, is an industry-driven ecosystem for Finnish technology providers, enhancing its members’ capabilities and competencies, boosting their business growth in global defence and security markets, and improving the use of fast-developing civil and dual-use technologies in defence and security solutions. DDE was established in August 2022 and is one of the Business Finland Growth Engines. The ecosystem officially launched in February 2023.

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies create new opportunities for defence and security industry. Maximizing their full potential demands collaboration and cooperation between diverse networks and experts. 

“Our target is to create significant new business growth in the defence and security field by bringing together the top companies and civil organizations of the defence, security, and civil industries. DDE will actively attend the newest EU and NATO defence-related initiatives and maintain close networks internationally”, states Jarmo Puputti, the Ecosystem Lead of DDE.

DDE is a unique combination of established defence industries and state-of-art digital technology innovators.

The companies’ combined expertise ranges from sensors to AI, and from hand-held devices to complex defence systems. DDE will provide agile development of dual-use solutions for emerging defence and security challenges.

“Reaktor is proudly part of DDE. Most Finnish defence and security companies are small compared to the key players in the international field, and operate in rather narrow areas. By joining together in the ecosystem we can build holistic solutions that are more than the sum of their parts. This way, instead of offering individual components, we can offer actual fieldable capabilities”, says Leo Heng, Chief Strategist and Design Director at Reaktor Defence and Security.

The founding members of DDE are Reaktor, Bittium, Elomatic, GIM Robotics, Insta, University of Jyväskylä, Millog, Patria, Saab, Savox, Senop, Solita, Tampere University, Unikie, VTT, and XD Solutions. 


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