Filming our first music video for the Culling

January 9, 2014

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Before christmas we filmed our very first music video for The Culling. I want to share the day with all our fans. We love you so very much!

You can buy our song from iTunesAmazon or listen to it onSpotify

07:40 AM Time to wake up, tiger! No, quite literally. Woke up amidst my bengal tigers. Love these guys so much I had my main guitar re-painted in their glorious colours.

07:43 AM Posted selfie with tigers on Instagram. #bengaltiger

08:25 AM 28 Marshall cabinets on set. ONLY TWENTY-EIGHT! How are we supposed to build a replica of the great wall of China with just 28 cabinets? You expect me to climb on top of 28 cabinets and look like a fool?

08:30 AM Drank 4 double espressos. Manager promised more cabinets by the end of the shoot.

08:37 AM Director said indoor explosions are out of the question. My hair might catch on fire. Reminded me it’s not 1987 anymore. Would fire him but I thought it _was_ 1987.

10:11 AM Manager deemed the helicopter scene too risky.

10:13 AM Locked myself in the trailer, not talking to my manager. Miss my tigers. Googling tiger pictures. #bengaltiger trending on Instagram.

The camera crew gave their best

10:32 AM Manager knocking on the door, saying we can do the helicopter thing if I agree to wear a harness. What am I, a small baby?!?

10:40 AM Decide to head for lunch with rest of the band.

02:08 PM Back from lunch. Extra Marshall cabinets arrived. The great wall of sound is complete. Assistants yelling, can’t hear what they’re saying. “Something something LOUD something.” #dealwithit

02:48 PM My time in the spotlight. Nailed it in one take!

03:10 PM Guitar solo in the rain. Letting the stuntman handle it, can’t risk my hair getting wet.

03:15 PM Video’s turning out great after all!

03:49 PM Back home. Time for tiger nap.

Stay tuned for the video release. Maybe even next week!

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