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Exploring the future of occupational healthcare

October 30, 2015

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Reaktor optimizes its actions on a time scale of 200 years. Hence, when it comes to our key priorities, the health and well-being of our employees is right at the top of the list.

We believe that the future of occupational healthcare lies in preventive and participatory methods. We want to provide our people with suitable tools for monitoring their own health and wellbeing, and – as in everything else we do – without the constraints of a centralised control system.

To explore the latest healthcare technologies, we launched an internal research project where every employee gets a Fitbit activity wristband. Our goals are to enhance employee well-being, to study what the sensor technology is really good for, and to gain experience which we can use to improve the quality of service to our clients in the healthcare sector.

From activity data to well-being

Activity wristbands and other health trackers provide measurements of one’s heart rate, sleep, and daily activities. However, the data is hardly useful as such. To really improve well-being, the data needs to be interpreted in the right context, such as across a team of coworkers. When doing so, the strict privacy standards around personal healthcare data can often obstruct progress.

Reaktor’s unique level of trust and experimentation-driven culture make it possible to study the benefits of collecting anonymised company-wide sensor data without sacrificing privacy. The research project is based on voluntarism and informed consent of the employees, and everyone is also welcome to contribute with ideas and improvements.

We hope that the trackers will nudge our employees to increase their everyday activities. We will also experiment with specific activity challenges such as an elevator-free month, and analyse whether they can cause any visible changes in the resting heart rates of our employees, for example. The analyses will be conducted by our data science wizards, who will also evaluate the reliability of the measurement data provided by the trackers.

Well-being equals performance

We believe that supporting our employees’ activity efforts will be crucial for the long-term productivity and performance of our company. In addition to creating sustainable health improvements, we hope to significantly prevent stress, burn outs, and other harmful conditions.

We will keep you posted on our results and best practices to advance the whole occupational healthcare field. And these are only the first steps, as we will continue to explore how new devices and methods can be used to promote well-being. So stay tuned and join us for a healthier future!

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