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Digital SkillUp: Reaktor and the European Commission launch online courses on emerging technologies

June 3, 2021

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Understanding emerging technologies gives people the freedom and confidence to fully benefit from the digital revolution. That’s why we are thrilled to be a part of the Digital SkillUp, an EU-funded learning tool designed to empower European citizens and businesses. Our three free online courses help people unblock one of the great bottlenecks in technology education: knowing where to start.

From household chores to the way we work, all aspects of our lives are becoming increasingly digitized. So what happens when people using these technologies are not really aware of their power, possibilities, and security?

We believe that emerging technologies should not be left in the hands of a few elite experts. In our rapidly evolving globalized economy, the reality of re-skilling and re-invention will affect an ever-increasing mass of people across society.

That’s why the European Commission is launching Digital SkillUp, an online learning tool guiding European citizens and businesses through the complexities of new tech – no matter the students’ age, profession, or skill level.

Designed by Reaktor Education, the newly launched learning platform and online courses educate people on current topics, such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, blockchain, big data, and augmented and virtual reality. Serving as an easily accessible introduction to the digital revolution, they help both professionals and small and medium-sized businesses punch above their weight.

Preparing people and businesses for the future of work

When creating Elements of AI, we learned that emotional resonance is the key to transformative online education. It is something we’ve fostered with the Digital SkillUp as well: helping people overcome their fear of the unknown. Instead of being afraid that robots will take your job, you can learn how these new technologies impact the future of work – and how to prepare for it.

Our easy-to-follow, engaging online courses are published in 10 European languages. They revolve around three core themes:

🎓 Digital revolution: From computers to apps, from the internet to the cloud, the first course explores how digitization became so pervasive, the risks technologies pose and how to minimize them, and tips on harnessing technology to improve our lives at home and work.

🎓 Emerging Technologies: They are the future – but what exactly are they? How will they evolve, and how will they impact our jobs, businesses, and lives? The second course explores these topics, with a deep dive into IoT, Robotics, and AR/VR/MR. 

🎓 Cybersecurity: Basic skills make a huge difference to digital safety. In the third course, we cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity with real-life examples and exercises. Our favorite part of the course: building a cybersecurity action plan for personal or professional use.

In addition to the courses, learners can continue to boost their digital competencies even further with hundreds of top-quality training opportunities gathered in the Digital SkillUp Course Catalogue.

A revolutionary approach to learning by Reaktor Education 

Digital SkillUp has been developed by European creators of digital learning solutions: European Schoolnet, DIGITALEUROPE, European DIGITAL SME Alliance, Public Libraries 2030 and Reaktor.

The European Commission chose Reaktor Education, the only private sector partner in this initial build phase, based on our trailblazing work with Elements of AI that represents a global effort to lower barriers to knowledge.

The Digital SkillUp community will benefit from the European Commission’s Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. It will be the new home for high-quality information, initiatives, and resources on digital skills from across Europe.

Ready to start your learning journey? Get a head start into the future at

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