Dear future colleague, I thought Reaktor was a scam

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March 9, 2022

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Dear future colleague,


Back in 2016, working for corporate America was literally and figuratively draining my soul. I wanted… no, I needed a change. Through some divine intervention, someone told me to check out this company, and lo and behold, Reaktor had an opening that fit my experience and skills-set.

But having the opportunity to join Reaktor was not enough, oh no. I needed to know that this step in my professional journey would be the right one for me – and not another trip down the corporate rabbit hole. 

I got a call back around two weeks after I applied. Throughout the interview process, I met and spoke to six Reaktorians. I really enjoyed the conversations I had and could see myself working alongside all of them. My NYorker brain couldn’t comprehend this, as it has never happened to me before. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and I was hired!

Now mind you, I was over the moon about joining Reaktor but my experience working for Corporate America companies had made me doubtful that this company would be any different. With no rigid hierarchy, a lot of autonomy, and a community where collaboration is encouraged, I really thought, I was being punked!

Like, this is a scam, you better run!

I doubted everything.

Especially the encouragement there is for open collaboration and autonomy. Where previously, at another company, I had to fight tooth and nail or cut through so much red tape just to get things approved for the benefit of a work environment, at Reaktor, that is not the case.

Here, I make decisions based on my experience, judgement, and feedback from colleagues. There’s no bigger sense of empowerment than when you can trust in yourself and others also trust in you to make sound decisions for the betterment of the company.

Finally, my thought process broke away from the corporate America mentality, or as I like to call it, the Matrix. No, I didn’t have to take the red pill from Morpheus, I just started to see that Reaktor is indeed a different company, with a different work culture and a sense of community that just keeps evolving for the better. 

Reaktor is different, and different is good.

Give us a chance and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Dear future colleague: A series of letters written by Reaktorians. Come join us, as you are.

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