Dear future colleague, be ready to become your own leader

A portrait of the author Tatevik Tovmasyan

Dear future colleague, 


I am Tatevik, a software engineer at Reaktor Amsterdam. I joined the company half a year ago. The day I joined, my four years of development experience turned into something bigger than just being a developer. At Reaktor, we’re not just developers, we’re consultants, project managers, testers, our own leads, teachers, students, and most importantly, we’re 1st hand helpers. 

The moment you join our community, you’re heavily involved in the product you build, you have access to everything for the product, you teach us and learn from us, and when you relocate or need help with anything, you always have someone on your side.  

Since I just joined, I’m in the process of adapting myself to this enlargement of my working scope. Previously, I was just a developer who worked with a team lead, a project manager, and a QA engineer. This setup was all about coding. If I needed anything from the client-side, I’d just approach our project manager. If I had any issue on the tech side, I’d ask my team lead for help. I wasn’t involved in the product at all, and all I did was code things the client requested. 

When I first heard that at Reaktor I would not be working with leads and project managers, I got scared. It’s a big move from the traditional way of doing things. And indeed, the first months have been overwhelming.

It’s still a bit challenging for me to communicate in English only and to lead calls with clients. There’s no project manager to handle tasks and timelines, no team lead to handle tech setup.

I now make notes of everything. I write things down for myself to remember. I’ve also started to listen to people carefully. I never want to create a situation where the clients have to repeat what they have already told me. 

On top of the challenges of a new job, it’s mentally hard to live without my family for the first time. Even though I’m already 22, I feel like I just became an adult.

Tough times, but tough times shape the best people, right? 

I wouldn’t be able to face all these changes all by myself. 

At Reaktor, I have brilliant people that support me both professionally and mentally. I’m part of a very cool team that knows I’m still a newbie – and a team that does everything to help me get into all of this as smoothly as possible.

What I value the most here is that people don’t just take and redo something you developed. They help you understand how your solution could become better. 

At Reaktor, we celebrate successes and failures together.

My first months have taught me that I can do more than I’ve previously thought. From sprint planning to slide decks, from project management to people skills, I’m doing more than I ever imagined. And I’ve never felt as motivated as I do today.


Dear future colleague: A series of letters written by Reaktorians. Come join us, as you are.

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