What did Cheek say when Polte and Venuu sealed the deal?

February 24, 2014

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The past few months have been the good kind of busy, and this spring, Polte will get busier than ever. Slush 2013 was amazing – our companies teamed up for a great show and good fun, and we met up with both promising startups and powerful investors. A lot has been going on behind the scene since Slush, though. We’ve got to know some new, exciting startups, whose stories we want to share with you.

The first proverbial cat out of the bag is Venuu. I have rarely come across a team with such energy and drive. These guys work hard and have fun at it. They possess a rare combination of humble eagerness to learn and fearless execution, which will take them far. We’re proud to support from the sidelines.

This trendsetting company has been dubbed the ‘Google of event spaces’ by Kauppalehti. The CEO and co-founder of Venuu, Jasu Koponen, describes their company as a “matchmaker” – the service helps venue seekers and venue providers find each other and do business.

“We make it easy and convenient to find and book the perfect venue for any event, be it a wedding, meeting, sauna evening or a music video shoot. Not only do we serve all the necessary information about each space on a silver plate, Venuu strives to bring even the weirdest and hardest-to-find locations easily available to anyone. The time of endless and frustrating Google-searches is over.

Everybody loves events. You meet people, do business, have a beer or two, find your to-be-partner and so forth. We definitely want to be one major reason for why in the future there’ll be more cool and creative events going down all over the world, not just in Finland.

Our cooperation with Polte begun even before Venuu had evolved into an actual company. These guys would answer even our dumbest questions, and as our company got more serious, so did our relationship with Polte. This is where we are now, ready to take over the world. I don’t think we could’ve found a better match when it comes to investors.”

Want to learn more about Venuu and what they do?

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