Best and worst UI for subway ticket system

June 20, 2013

Read time 1 min

Case 1: Singapore

  1. Click your destination directly from the subway map (Outram Park)
  2. Insert coins until price is zero
  3. Take the ticket

Case 2: San Francisco

  1. Select payment method (Credit card)
  2. Find your stop from subway map
  3. Find your stop from a list (Montgomery)
  4. Look for one way price and remember it ($1,75)
  5. Calculate how many full integers can be subtracted from 20
  6. Click Subtract $1 for 18 times
  7. Calculate how many 0.05 decimals can be subtracted from 2
  8. Click Subtract 5 cent for 5 times
  9. Click Print $1.75 ticket
  10. Click to confirm
  11. Take the ticket


Case 1 required 1 click when case 2 required 26 clicks plus some math, searching from a list and keeping numbers in mind. Is it that hard to simulate most typical use cases before implementing them?

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