365 days of Polte: 5 things Venuu has loved the most about working with Reaktor

February 5, 2015

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It’s been exactly one year since the glorious day of Venuu officially becoming a Polte Clan member. Looking back on the past 12 months, five things in particular have made our team extremely happy about the decision to jump into bed with Reaktor

1. Hands-on assistance – really

Polte walks the talk: it truly is “hands-on funding” what they offer. During the past year we’ve consulted Reaktor’s experts on dozens of things ranging from technical stuff like how to track events from iframes to legal matters such as employment contracts, partnership deal structures and basic legal paperwork. We also e.g. had the privilige to steal the lovely UX expert Minttu Paukkunen to work with us on our venue search page design. If Reaktor was to bill us for all the time and effort they’ve put into helping us out, it would surely be in the five-digit figures.

2. True culture idol

Rarely can a startup say that they truly admire the corporate culture of a company with 300 employees. However, in the case of Reaktor, it’s definitely the case. You just have to marvel at how the firm has maintained its fun, free, dedicated and passionate culture even in its mature days. There’s plenty every startup can learn from them in that regard – at least we have. It’s always a pleasure to drop by at Reaktor’s office, see the smiling faces, have a (really) good cup of coffee and occasionally enjoy their awesome sauna.

3. Team coaching

One thing many startups underestimate is the importance of team dynamics. Reaktor being an expert in work processes and everything related to how to get the most out of a group of individuals working together, we quickly set up a series of workshops on the subject with Reaktor’s Jarkko Kainulainen. Jarkko helped us build a solid foundation – a common language and necessary processes – for how our team works. Looking back, it was probably one of the most important things we did this year.

4. Startups for startups

It’s funny how much a network of other founders can help when, for example, raising further financing. The Polte Clan is now 20 strong, which means there’s at least 19 other startups you can ask for help, be it intros to relevant investors, testing out your product’s new features, ideas for marketing or e.g. simply on which accounting agency you should choose.

5. Oskari Kettunen is the Fox

One of the biggest reasons why our team has had such a good year with Reaktor is that Oskari, the managing partner of Polte, is a straight up good guy. Juggling 20 portfolio companies and handling the additional deal-flow, he still always manages to have time for you when you need to bounce ideas. We’re truly grateful for everything that Oskari has done for us.

From our perspective, Polte is just what the doctor ordered the Finnish startup scene: an early-stage investor who has the resources to truly back promising teams in going big. Big up from Venuu!

– Jasu Koponen, CEO of Venuu

Venuu is the “Airbnb for event spaces”, a digital marketplace that connects event organizers with the best party, meeting and other event venues. Currently we are the market leader in Finland.

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