Assignment 2022: Visual design

Disclaimer: Ahma Health does not represent any of Reaktor’s clients or any real-life company. The described situation and the company are completely fictional, as well as the use cases. You own the rights to your solution and Reaktor cannot use the solutions in any other way than evaluating applications.


Ahma Health is a private healthcare company that has both consumer and occupational healthcare customers. Over the past 20 years, Ahma Health has become a well known brand in Finland. It has clinics all over the country from Helsinki to Oulu, and quite recently it also opened a clinic in Tallinn. Customers are generally happy with the quality and reliability of the care they receive.

However, in recent years the company has started to lag behind its competitors when it comes to the company’s digital offering. The board at Ahma firmly believes that remaining competitive in the healthcare business means that they have to level up their digital services. Ahma does have a responsive website and a native customer-facing app for consumer and occupational healthcare customers, but these have started to feel outdated and need to be developed further both visually and functionally.

Ahma Health has chosen Reaktor as their partner to help with their design and product development needs, and you are part of the team responsible for streamlining their digital healthcare experience. The client seems to be very eager to hear about our approach and is open to challenge their thinking.

Assignment: streamlining digital healthcare experience

The assignment will take 3–4 hours to complete.

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You are a visual designer in Reaktor’s design and development team at Ahma Health. 

As a part of streamlining their digital healthcare experience, Ahma Health is also planning a visual facelift for the whole company in the near future. They are open to new ideas and are looking for a fresh approach which would differentiate them from their competitors. They wanted to begin the process by iterating a new visual identity on their customer facing app, which already includes the following features:

  • Booking a time for an expert
  • Chat / online clinic
  • Previous visits to doctor/healthcare expert
  • Linking to Ahma’s responsive web page containing patient’s own information

During some brand work carried out in the past, the client has established a set of guiding principles. They are expected to be used as a guiding light towards making appropriate decisions and avoid superficial criteria such as “feels right” and “looks good”. These three principles are approachable, accessible and inclusive. Besides the guiding principles, there are no existing visual or brand guidelines that should be taken into account at this point.

Your task

For an upcoming concept demo with all the major Ahma Health stakeholders, you agreed to deliver the following:

  1. A preliminary vision for the app’s visual identity
  • Come up with 1-2 slides that communicate and introduce your concept the best way (e.g. a moodboard, key visuals, story). 
  • You are more than welcome to elaborate on the visual communication vision based on the preliminary principles that the client gave you.
  1. Key conceptual layouts for mobile to reflect that vision
  • Screens visualizing the flow of booking a time to an expert, including the following steps:
    • Book a time to an expert
      choose person or service
      choose type of reception (video call, phone call, live session)
      choose location
      choose date
      show list of available experts
    • Insert personal information
      show overview of selected service
      insert personal information (birth date, name, surname, phone, email)
    • Show confirmation
      show confirmation message for the booked time
      show information on how to cancel the order


  • You can do the assignment either in English or Finnish
  • Feel free to benchmark competitors and use relevant content from existing healthcare products. As long as it fits the vision, context and communicates your idea. 
  • Feel free to use the appropriate tools e.g. Figma or Illustrator for creating the layouts


  • Don’t be afraid to speculate. Normally you wouldn’t be working on this alone and in such a short amount of time.
  • Don’t spend too much time on the task. Max 3-4 hours should be enough.

What we are looking for

  • Visual craft: personal touch, coherence of design, use of typography, colors, visual elements & visual hierarchies 
  • Ability to adapt visual skills for digital product design
  • Ability to communicate and elaborate design decisions and choices

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