Assignment 2022: UX design

Disclaimer: Ahma Health does not represent any of Reaktor’s clients or any real-life company. The described situation and the company are completely fictional, as well as the use cases. You own the rights to your solution and Reaktor cannot use the solutions in any other way than evaluating applications.


Ahma Health is a private healthcare company that has both consumer and occupational healthcare customers. Over the past 20 years, Ahma Health has become a well known brand in Finland. It has clinics all over the country from Helsinki to Oulu, and quite recently it also opened a clinic in Tallinn. Customers are generally happy with the quality and reliability of the care they receive.

However, in recent years the company has started to lag behind its competitors when it comes to the company’s digital offering. The board at Ahma firmly believes that remaining competitive in the healthcare business means that they have to level up their digital services. Ahma does have a responsive website and a native customer-facing app for consumer and occupational healthcare customers, but these have started to feel outdated and need to be developed further both visually and functionally.

Ahma Health has chosen Reaktor as their partner to help with their design and product development needs, and you are part of the team responsible for streamlining their digital healthcare experience. The client seems to be very eager to hear about our approach and is open to challenge their thinking.

Assignment: streamlining digital healthcare experience

The assignment will take 3–4 hours to complete.

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You are a UX designer of Reaktor’s design and development team at Ahma Health. Your team had a workshop with the client last week, with focus on how to improve Ahma’s customer-facing mobile app. Based on previous user research, it’s evident that the current user experience is confusing and users have a hard time finding what they are looking for in the app. 

At the moment, the app has already the following features:

  • Booking a time for an expert
  • Chat / online clinic
  • Previous visits to doctor/healthcare expert
  • Linking to Ahma’s responsive web page containing patient’s own information

There are also some use cases that seem to occur frequently, but are not supported well enough in the app (see below). The assumption is that supporting these would create significant value for Ahma’s customers.

Use cases

Case A: Vaccines

Anne is going to Uruguay in three weeks. She wonders what vaccines she needs and what she already has. 

Anne has all the vaccines belonging to the Finnish vaccination program, but she doesn’t remember when they need to be renewed.

Case B: Labs

Anne had a referral for a ferritin lab test (valid for 12 months) and went for the labs yesterday. The results have just arrived and Anne wants to see them.

Her ferritin level, which she doesn’t know yet, is now 11 ug/l, the reference values are 15-125. Her previous level from 6 months ago was 46 ug/l)

Case C: Monitoring

Occupational doctor requested Anne to monitor her blood pressure twice a day (mornings and evenings) for 5 days. For each measurement, blood pressure is measured twice and the average number is recorded.

Data (first four days)
Monday morning 125/72, evening 135/89
Tuesday morning 117/73, evening 121/85
Wednesday morning 123/79, evening 125/83
Thursday morning 118/87, evening 136/90

Case D: Prescriptions

Anne has strong pollen allergy symptoms every spring and summer. It’s now early March and she’s wondering, whether she still has valid prescriptions for allergy medicine, and how many doses there are left. She knows that in her case two doses are usually enough for one pollen season. If there are enough doses available, she will go to the closest available pharmacy after work and buy the medication (NOTE: you don’t need to design how the user buys the medicine)

Anne has a prescription for Histamax 50 mg, valid until 6/2022. There are three doses left.

Your task

For this UX trainee assignment, choose 2 of the use cases from above and design a UI that would support these cases for the user. Create one app design that Anne can use to solve both of the use cases (consider also how the existing features affect your design but you don’t have to draw them in more detail).

For the use cases you choose

  • create a UI flow (series of wireframes showing user’s process step-by-step)
  • show how the user navigates in the Ahma app
  • use relevant data/information, no lorem ipsum.

In addition, shortly describe on e.g. 1-3 slides

  • how much time did you use on the different phases of the design process.
  • your design process, key insights and what kind of thinking led you to designing the particular user flow.
  • how would you validate the designed user experience? What would be the concrete next step?


  • You can do the assignment either in English or Finnish
  • Present your solution for the two use cases as a flow (i.e. series of wireframes or a low-fi prototype) for a mobile app from the point of view of the user. Show us what the user does: how does the user interact and how does the system respond.
  • Feel free to speculate. Normally you wouldn’t be working on this alone and would have access to real data and users.
  • For the user flow, use the tool(s) that suit you and the task the best. Hand drawn sketches and digital prototypes are equally interesting for us.


  • Don’t spend too much time on the task. Max 3-4 hours should be enough.
  • Don’t spend too much time on polished visuals.

What are we looking for?

  • Ability to create clear and understandable user flows and views.
  • Understanding of UX problems and empathy towards users.
  • Ability to communicate your thinking and design process.

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