Assignment 2022: Service design

Disclaimer: Ahma Health does not represent any of Reaktor’s clients or any real-life company. The described situation and the company are completely fictional, as well as the use cases. You own the rights to your solution and Reaktor cannot use the solutions in any other way than evaluating applications.


Ahma Health is a private healthcare company that has both consumer and occupational healthcare customers. Over the past 20 years, Ahma Health has become a well known brand in Finland. It has clinics all over the country from Helsinki to Oulu, and quite recently it also opened a clinic in Tallinn. Customers are generally happy with the quality and reliability of the care they receive.

However, in recent years the company has started to lag behind its competitors when it comes to the company’s digital offering. The board at Ahma firmly believes that remaining competitive in the healthcare business means that they have to level up their digital services. Ahma does have a responsive website and a native customer-facing app for consumer and occupational healthcare customers, but these have started to feel outdated and need to be developed further both visually and functionally.

Ahma Health has chosen Reaktor as their partner to help with their design and product development needs, and you are part of the team responsible for streamlining their digital healthcare experience. The client seems to be very eager to hear about our approach and is open to challenge their thinking.

Assignment: streamlining digital healthcare experience

The assignment will take 3–4 hours to complete.

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You are a service designer in Reaktor’s design and development team at Ahma Health. Along with developing the current digital tools, Reaktor is also helping Ahma to envision the future of their digital healthcare services. Ahma is interested in creating a top-notch customer experience, but also being an operator that provides modern digital tools and drives the whole industry forward with innovative solutions.

The task

You are given a task to put together a concept which you will present to the PO (product owner) of Ahma Health’s customer-facing mobile application. More specifically, the PO is asking Reaktor to help to concept new digital service idea to be added on their development roadmap, in a timespan of 2-3 years.

At the moment, the app has already the following features:

  • Booking a time for an expert
  • Chat / online clinic
  • Previous visits to doctor/healthcare expert
  • Linking to Ahma’s responsive web page containing patient’s own information

The PO has three particular expectations for the concept:

  1. It has to bring clear customer value and raise the customer experience of the chosen target group.
  2. It should be something new and unique, something that Ahma’s Finnish competitors currently don’t have or do. 
  3. It brings value also from the business perspective, e.g. making processes more efficient and cost effective.

The design team and the PO have identified an essential customer group to target: the young adults between 18-25 years, who are used to dealing in digital environments and expect high customer experience. Based on the data, in this customer group, most of the cases that require doctor’s appointment are related to acute infections (such as flu), lower back pain and various kinds of small accidents that occur during exercise or falling.

You should start by thinking about the typical patient’s journey from reserving time to navigating to the building and checking in, meeting the doctor with the possible documents such as sick leaves or prescriptions and referral to the further examinations. You might also take into account what happens after: going to a pharmacy, home treatment and recovery (which in some cases might take several weeks).

You have decided to approach the task by doing some lightweight “quick’n’dirty” customer research, focusing on the patient’s journey. Based on the collected key insights, come up with a new concept Ahma should develop to support the current customer journey and boost customer experience. Put your thinking in the form of a presentation, in practice 3-6 slides in PDF. 

Based on your presentation and the following discussion, the PO then decides if the concept is worth proceeding.

In your presentation, provide answers at least to these questions:  

  • What is the concept and what makes it unique? 
  • What value does it bring to the target customer group?
  • How does it raise the customer experience?
  • What business potential does it bring? 
  • What would be the next steps in validating the concept?

Tip: you can use any means of communicating your concept idea. It can be for example a storyboard, user story, customer journey, user flow or a wireframe of the service. The main idea is to describe the service from the customer perspective and keep the customer experience as high level as possible.


  • You can do the assignment either in English or Finnish
  • Keep in mind that clients main interest is developing new concepts especially in digital channels 
  • Choose an approach and deliverables that describes your thinking, your ways of working and the typical methods you are familiar with. 
  • Provide at least some concrete, tangible examples of a viable solution.
    You can keep the detail level simpler / in a more general level than it would be in a real-life situation.
  • Benchmark to see what kind of solutions Ahma Health’s competitors are offering
  • Be ready to speculate your approach and decisions, but don’t worry too much about not having the full picture – normally you wouldn’t be working on something like this on your own 🙂


  • Don’t try to be exhaustive (this task can’t be solved thoroughly in a given timeframe), but paint enough of a picture to describe your work and thinking.
  • Don’t spend more than the equivalent of 3–4 hours on this.

What are we looking for?

  • Ability to showcase your service design skills in the context of digital service creation. 
  • Understanding of service design methods and ability to choose the right ones. 
  • Compelling way to communicate your thinking and the process behind.

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