Advent of Code - I herd U liek puzzles

We at Reaktor have been participating in Advent of Code since 2015.

We’ve also made a bunch of our own puzzles, check out these!

While waiting for the next AoC puzzle, check out our open positions at

Reaktor Advent of Code

Who are we?

We are lateral thinkers that apply human, cultural, and technological understanding to create meaningful solutions to challenging problems.

Our teams structure, design and build, iterate, implement, and reinvent, delivering value faster than most consider realistic. That’s something we’ve become quite famous for.

Unmatched execution, we like to call it.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for, for instance, seasoned developers and consultants (see /careers) but we also have  /trainees positions for those of you who are still booting up your careers.