Advent of Code - I herd U liek puzzles

We at Reaktor have been participating in Advent of Code from 2015.

If you’re really into puzzles - and I’m sure you are - you might want to check out ours too: The Tracking Game - Operation Orbital Element. It might take a bit longer than your daily puzzle at Advent of Code, but by solving the puzzle, you have a chance to win a ticket to the soldout Disobey 2020 event at Helsinki.

Go to Tracking Game

Reaktor Advent of Code
Reaktor Advent of Code

So who are Reaktor? We are a Finnish design and technology consultancy company, based in Helsinki, with offices also in Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, as well as in Turku and Tampere. We deliver high quality products and services to our clients, starting from concept and business design and ending with top-notch technical implementation.

We have about 550 people around the globe, with about 400 of us in Helsinki. And we have an actual satellite, called Hello World, in the orbit.

What are we looking for? We are looking for, for instance, seasoned developers and consultants (see /careers) but we also have a /junior positions for those of you who are still booting up your careers.