Value from data & AI

Transforming into a truly AI-capable organization and fully leveraging AI and data-driven practices takes more than a proof-of-concept. Depending on your organization's level of maturity in operating with data and AI and what you want to achieve, it might even take a complete revamp of your practices, processes, and culture – just like digitalization once did. Luckily, your organization doesn't have to do this alone. We are a full-service AI provider, offering AI strategy, roadmaps, best-of-class implementations, and smaller proof-of-concept experiments and training.

AI roadmap

Do you know what AI means for your industry?

We are on the verge of widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in business and society at large. Yet, only a few companies are truly changing their business with AI: 80% of the companies are still in the PoC factory phase, and less than 20% are scaling AI. Do you know what AI means for your industry? We help you to identify business opportunities and the right steps to make them a reality. With an AI roadmap, we’ll give you a clear view of possible and relevant AI-implementations. In five phases, we move from high-level targets to ideation, mapping, business targets, and identify the most viable use cases with business impact.

AI competences

Setting up the teams and infrastructures

Building competencies and solutions require good practices and proper infrastructure. Reaktor has been designing and building several data lakes for different customers in various industries. We help tech-savvy teams with their selected technologies as well as build infrastructures from scratch in a cross-functional team. The work has included architecture planning, the actual implementation, and solving the data-specific topics: acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing. In addition to a big team of skilled data scientists, Reaktor has multiple data engineering experts to help out customers in their various needs.

AI implementations

Building products from the scratch

Our data and AI expert community helps define, plan, and build data-intensive competencies and solutions. We combine the best software development, data engineering, machine learning, and data science practices to suit the problems at hand. In the past, we’ve executed 100+ AI and data projects that range from advanced statistical analysis and machine learning classics to machine vision and natural language processing. Examples include price prediction and optimization, marketing impact analysis, recommendation engines for media and retail, data anomaly detection for environmental measurements, and machine vision applications for health-care.