Digital strategy and innovation

When a company designs new products or services, it inevitably also designs its business. Our business designers help your C-suite to understand innovation and the business impact of digital technology. Business design combines business strategy and design methodologies and mindsets into a rigorous yet creative approach to crafting business viability. We help identify and solve complex problems and ensure everything makes business sense. We seek to find unexpected value by focusing on what could be as opposed to what is. Typical engagements are in new business development and digital transformation of existing businesses.

Digital strategy

Developing critical capabilities

A strategy is about creating alternatives and making the right choices to maximize the likelihood of success. But the strategy must also lead to action. We combine design disciplines, strategy formulation, and iterative development to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Instead of planning strategy as a separate process, we rigorously find the right path forward together but also swiftly set you in motion along with it. The deliverable isn’t a masterplan; instead, it’s the ability to develop the critical capabilities required.

Product and service innovation

Ensuring initiatives align with business strategy

Our business designers work in multidisciplinary teams with developers and service designers to ensure new products not only excite customers, but also make business sense. We identify, understand, and frame the problems worth solving for the new value to be created while ensuring holistic viability throughout the process. Our innovation management work  is about ensuring the portfolio of initiatives across the organization aligns with the business strategy and continuously helps to refine it. 

Data and analytics strategy

Driving evidence-based decision-making

We help businesses create a coherent strategy to create business value from data. This can mean making a data strategy that helps strengthen your distinctive capabilities, develop a new competitive advantage, better sense and understand future trends, or drive and steer innovation. In essence, it enables and drives evidence-based decision-making throughout the organization and its operations. We also work with progressive companies to create a strategy to manage, measure, and monetize their data as an asset.