Digital products & services

At its core, Reaktor is a technology company that helps ambitious organizations become digital leaders. Our award-winning work in consulting, engineering, and production is based on technological superiority. We cover everything from technology strategy to architecting, implementing, and running systems across nearly any stack, domain, and environment, from embedded systems to cloud-native AI solutions to mobile experiences.

Digital strategy and new digital business

Building assets to transform your business

Realizing business strategies and world-changing services depend on the right capabilities. We help your company plan out strategy and build the technology assets needed to transform your business. We’ll do this by analyzing your capability and enterprise architectures and then drawing a practical roadmap forward. From there, we can immediately start a transition with zero downtime, incrementally implementing across markets and services.

Spearheading digital products and services

Exceptionally high quality with high velocity

We build superior digital products that are always custom-made, perfect for gaining a technological advantage. Our clients are often companies that are branching out or even revolutionizing their businesses. For 20+ years, we have built critical products and services in most industries and earned our clients’ trust throughout their organizations. We have amassed deep insight from various industries, including life sciences, aviation, banking, telecom, retail, and gaming. 


We’re known for delivering exceptionally high quality with high velocity, moving in weeks or just days from ideas to proof-of-concepts and prototypes to working products. This helps each party to make sure we’re always moving in the right direction. Our approach is solely possible because of how we build our teams. Reaktor’s agile and autonomous teams consist of a small group of senior specialists who have bespoke skills for the job at hand. Importantly, our developers and designers always work in tandem from day one to make fast progress possible.

Best-of-class code and tech competence

We deliver. Like nobody’s business

Under all of our world-class digital products run carefully crafted lines of code. We dare to say we’re artisans, always pushing the envelope but never settling for anything but excellence. 

Whether it’s working directly with our fantastic and talented designers to bring a vision into reality or lend our expertise to help clients level up their digital capabilities, we make it happen. We don’t tie ourselves to any particular tech or stack — our teams take on the responsibility of selecting the right approaches and modern tools for the job directly with our clients. Teams are formed around the needs and competencies to get the job done: multitalented full-stack generalists complemented by extremely skilled specialists in whatever area the project needs, be it strategy, architecture, frontend, backend, DevOps, mobile, AI/ML, or data engineering.

Distinguished design end-to-end

Equally desirable and functional 

We make sophisticated and functional products and services and design customer experiences that create differentiation for our clients. This is where the technological prowess is paired with distinguished design.

Our designers work holistically and end-to-end, designing everything from concept and strategy to complex interfaces and transactions to engaging visual design and branding.

The outcome of our work is meaningful and successful services in the digital domain and beyond. Our primary deliverable is working software, not presentations or prototypes. By working in multidisciplinary teams of designers and engineers, we put equal consideration into the product’s desirability and technical functionality from the get-go. This approach puts us ahead of the curve, resulting in work that is efficient, smooth, and polished to perfection.