Digital capabilities for future organizations

A defining trend in our age is the exponential growth of complexity, especially in technology. New technologies enable novel modes of operation, but organizations are often not well equipped to shift to these. Our job is to help your professionals make the necessary leap. This can involve modernizing your organization and leadership; building excellent teams systematically; and acquiring the essential knowledge about agile, teamwork, and leadership.

Our teams at clients

Tactically staffed with bespoke skills

Our work is based on autonomous teams that become tightly integrated with your organization and its processes during a project. For us, it’s imperative always to find the best solutions for each unique case. This equals being agnostic to service providers, software, and methods. One size never fits all, and we take great pride in always having a big toolkit and the know-how to customize our work.

Coaching and training

Utilizing the most relevant methods, case by case

Whether our teams offer technical expertise or agile coaching, the end-goal is always the same: strengthening your organization’s capabilities in the long run. We can help you modernize your organisation to meet current business needs, improve your leadership practices and skills, and build good teams systematically. 

We always utilize the most appropriate methods in coaching and training and adjust them to your needs. Our coaches have decades of experience in agile, lean, coaching, modern leadership, organization design and change management. Among our offerings, the Certified ScrumMaster® is a highlight as we’ve pioneered it in Finland. Our Scrum courses are held by experienced professionals and are updated continuously and internally validated.

Technology strategy

From planning to seamless implementation

Legacy baggage and outdated technologies can hinder your organization’s performance and weaken its competitiveness. We’ll make sure your structures, technology, and processes are aligned to support your business strategy. Fundamentally, a successful technology strategy is about knowing where you stand, where do you want to go, and which path to take. What sets us apart is our ability to both create a winning technology strategy and then seamlessly implement it.