Brand & communication design

Specialized in leveraging design and storytelling at all points of the customer experience, Reaktor Creative helps brands build meaningful engagement and push the limits of creativity. Being integrated as part of Reaktor’s end-to-end offering enables a holistic approach for long-term strategic brand development, where an interplay of communication, service, products, and innovation can be achieved in a unique way.

Desired brands

From strategy to truly distinguished experiences

We create desirable brands that are strategically aligned, systematically built, and culturally connected. Our approach to brand building taps into cultural contexts, rapidly changing trends, and technological understanding. Our competitive advantage is the capability to work in all areas of branding, from strategy and brand assets to truly distinguished experiences. This enables us to deliver novel and highly sophisticated implementations. We are natively digital and cross over to immersive and physical to create integrated, omnipresent, and meaningful impact.

Storytelling and purposeful communication

Rich stories, guided by data, and surfaced effectively

Renowned and recognizable stories are built long-term and uniformly across media and channels. Tactical ads and one-and-done campaigns may serve in the short-term but will not build your story systematically. We believe in storytelling that is aligned with strategy, is relevant, evokes emotion, and gives your customers a reason to stop. Rich stories, guided by data, and surfaced effectively, leverage your brand and help it establish a loyal following. 


We also help brands achieve notoriety through story doing, from timely activations to larger-scale initiatives and brand behavior that starts conversations for years to come.