We create digital products, services, and strategies.

Our unmatched execution capability is founded in superior technological skills and a strong maker culture.

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Reaktor is a creative technology partner for forward-thinking organizations and societies. From premium software development to brand experiences and digital transformation, our global community of industry-leading experts does it all. Our clients are pioneers of digitalization in life sciences, education, retail, media, transportation, finance, and defense, to name a few.

What we do

Our offering

Digital products and services

At its core, Reaktor is a technology company that helps ambitious organizations become digital leaders. Our award-winning work in consulting, engineering, and production is based on technological superiority. We cover everything from technology strategy to architecting, implementing, and running systems.

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Digital capabilities for future organizations

While the technological complexity grows exponentially, we can help your organisation shift to new models of operation. This can involve modernizing your organization and leadership; building excellent teams systematically; and acquiring the essential knowledge about agile, teamwork, and leadership.

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AI & data-driven decision-making

Transforming into a truly AI-capable organization and fully leveraging AI and data-driven practices takes more than a proof-of-concept. We are a full-service AI provider, offering AI strategy, roadmaps, best-of-class implementations, experiments and training.

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Digital innovations

When a company designs new products or services, it inevitably also designs its business. Our business designers help your C-suite to innovate. We take human-centered design disciplines, strategic thinking, and rapid execution to create new value and competitive advantage. Our goal is to find unexpected value by focusing on what could be as opposed to what is.

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Brand & communication design

Specialized in leveraging design and storytelling at all points of the customer experience, Reaktor Creative helps brands build meaningful engagement and push the limits of creativity. Being integrated as part of Reaktor’s end-to-end offering enables a holistic approach for long-term strategic brand development, where an interplay of communication, service, products, and innovation can be achieved in a unique way.

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How we work

They say we’re the nicest team mates

High quality with high velocity

Our teams are autonomous, compact, and cross-functional, which makes them remarkably effective. We don’t just solve our clients’ complex problems but also help them level up their own digital capabilities. We cultivate domain expertise, cross-competence collaboration, and unconventional skill combinations. Forging extraordinary teams is something we take pride in: we recruit strategically, staff our projects tactically, and coach our teams and individuals to be their best.

Fostering transparency and trust

Our clients have complete visibility to our iterative journey from the collaborative kickoff to the carefully crafted finishing touches. Challenging conventions, assumptions, and decisions is something we’ve become known for: we take profound responsibility for our work and always focus on what brings the most value. Our top experts are driven to create an impact far beyond our projects – be it for the clients’ business more broadly or for the whole of society. We are a resilient bunch, committed to cherishing this capability both as individuals and as a community.




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Reaktor fundamentals

From high level to hands on.

Strategy, design, creative, high performance engineering.

Obsessed with solving complex problems.

Succeeding in what others consider unrealistic is our bread and butter.

We make things, and make things happen.

Unmatched execution, made possible by a post-agile maker culture.

One foot in the future.

We help you understand, adapt, and remain ahead in an increasingly complex world.

Unconditionally human.

To understand is to invent, for a human-centered future.

Changing how the world works.

On the forefront of the workplace revolution, we lead by example.