Strategy, design, creative,
high performance engineering, and unmatched execution.

Consultancy and agency services, built on exceptional technological competence.

Hybrid partner for all things future

What’s your most disheartening problem? Let’s solve it together. That’s how our long-lasting client relationships often begin.

As a partner, we create products and services, and help you navigate the complex landscape of modern business.

Our hybrid teams work closely with our clients, combining human, cultural, and technological understanding to creative thinking and practical skills.

They structure, design and build, iterate, implement, and reinvent, delivering value faster than most consider realistic. That’s something we’ve become quite famous for.

Unmatched execution, we like to call it.




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Team members



Senior Software Engineer
Lead Product Designer
New York — Helsinki — Tampere - Stockholm - Amsterdam — Dubai — Tokyo — New York — Helsinki — Tampere - Stockholm - Amsterdam — Dubai — Tokyo

Core capabilities

Business design

Strategy and business models for a new era.

Future Design

What do possible realities mean for your business?

Product and 
Service design

Best-in-class customer experiences.

Communication design

Creative ways of reaching audiences.


Revolutionary technology, designed and delivered.

Organization design

Cultural transformation that starts with the individual.


Reaktor fundamentals

From high level to hands on.

Strategy, design, creative, high performance engineering.

One foot in the future.

We help you understand, adapt, and remain ahead in an increasingly complex world.

We make things, and make things happen.

Unmatched execution, made possible by a post-agile maker culture.

Obsessed with solving complex problems.

Succeeding in what others consider unrealistic is our bread and butter.

Unconditionally human.

To understand is to invent, for a human-centered future.

Changing how the world works.

On the forefront of the workplace revolution, we lead by example.

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