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What would it take to educate an entire nation – or the whole world – in something as complex as artificial intelligence? We founded Reaktor Education on that bold question.

Our first course, Elements of AI set out to train at least 1% of the general Finnish population on the basics of artificial intelligence.

Our goal was to break institutional barriers to knowledge: The six-week, free introductory online course was built and designed for the 99%, not the privileged few.

Students of all genders, races, and ages, all across the nation, took to our course. We reached our milestone enrollment in only a few months.

What became clear was the enormous demand for later-in-life education.

Reaktor Education democratizes learning and disseminates knowledge far and wide. By distilling complex subjects into approachable and accessible online courses, we help millions of people learn faster and more efficiently.

From AI to entrepreneurship to agile methods, our educational tools guide nations and citizens, and companies and employees, on the road to the future of work.

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Multiple Award-Winning Online Education

Elements of AI online course chapter listing

Elements of AI

Our first course, Elements of AI, built with the University of Helsinki, has become an international phenomenon.

  • Voted World's #1 Computer Science Course (Class Central)
  • Over 700K students worldwide
  • 40% women students (double avg. for computer science)
  • First online course published in All Official EU languages

As Featured In Over 500 Global Media Outlets

Essence of Agile online course home screen

Essence of Agile

Essence of Agile is a paid online course designed to help each and every employee to understand what an organization can gain from an agile mindset and skill set, and guide them on their first steps.

The writers of this course are agile coaches with years of experience in consulting different organizations in the public and private sectors.

Currently available in Finnish (“Ketteryyden ydin”). English version coming up soon!

  • Simple ways you and your organization get more done quicker
  • Get rid of everything unnecessary and make it clear to everyone what's being done and why
  • Create a team in which everyone wants to work
Digital SkillUp couses

Digital SkillUp courses

Digital Revolution 
From computers to apps, from the internet to the cloud, this course explores how digitisation became so pervasive, the risks technologies pose and how to minimise them, and tips on harnessing technology to improve our lives at home and work. See the course on Digital Revolution here.

Emerging technologies
They are the future – but what are emerging technologies? Where are they applied? How will they evolve, and how will they impact our jobs, businesses, and lives? This course explores these topics, with a deep dive into IoT, Robotics, and AR/VR/MR. See the course on emerging technologies here.

Cybersecurity – a beginner’s guide
Basic skills make a huge difference to digital safety. In this course, we cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity with real-life examples and exercises aimed at building a simplified cybersecurity action plan for personal or professional use. See the course on Cybersecurity here.

Digital Revolution, Emerging Technologies, and Cybersecurity courses have been created with the Digital SkillUp initiative, which is the brand name of the outputs created under the European Digital Academy project, funded by the European Commission with support of the European Parliament. The project is dedicated to making basic knowledge on emerging technologies available and accessible to all citizens and SMEs. It aims to create an online training space that will offer learning content and opportunities on topics like AI, Blockchain, robotics, cybersecurity and IoT for everyone.


Let's make the future happen.

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