Channel surfing in the age of short-form video

The latest sensation in short form video, Neverthink, began as a passion project. After an initial investment by Reaktor Ventures and collaborative product building with a hybrid Reaktor team, Neverthink has turned the rudimentary idea into an AppStore hit.

From designing, building, and scaling the product to launching it globally, Reaktor has been a part of Neverthink’s exciting rise to global success.

Project highlights

  • A Reaktor venture: Identifying, investing, and helping build
  • Continuous support for every aspect of the company
  • Universally compelling product used in more than 190 countries
  • 20-fold increase in valuation in 6 months, latest valuation at $10M

To catch a millennial

Turn distraction into a service

The underlying insight is blatantly obvious: When people kick back in front of a flickering screen, they are looking to spend their time consuming content, not searching for it.

Neverthink gathers the best and the latest of internet videos and curates them to topical channels of endless, hand-picked entertainment. There’s no skip, no pause, no watch later. The only way to interact with the TV of the internet is to channel hop.

Essentially, it’s a unique contender positioned to capitalize in the timely and increasingly competitive domain of short-form video.

A device agnostic service that has its users hooked on their first watch, Neverthink turns YouTube into a curated experience that requires zero effort from the viewer.

“Neverthink might just be the most ‘lean back’ online video experience yet.”


Vision and promise

Uniquely appealing, from every angle.

For users, Neverthink is endless, carefully curated, on-demand distraction. Its search-to-watch ratio is at a record low of 1%, compared to video on demand at 30% and broadcast TV at 19%.

Why are investors lining up? Because this product that has the attention of the toughest crowd out there: millenials.

The story of Neverthink

Oct 2016: Love at first sight

Ten minutes before the end of a (completely unrelated) meeting, co-founder Aviv Junno sidetracked to a side project of his and his friend, Claus Nurro. Oskari from Reaktor Ventures asked if he would be willing to turn the idea into a company for a 100K investment. He said yes.

Nov 2016 to Feb 2017: Getting our hands dirty

The collaborative team of Neverthink and Reaktor created the first beta in a matter of months. Look and feel, user interface, analytics, backend and servers.

Mar to Sep 2017: Spreading the wildfire, while putting out other fires

Encouraged by the immediate love (and addiction) of users, an AppleTV version was developed, product presentations were crafted, and a press-ready story was formulated. Soon, the company raised a sizable seed round from global top-tier venture firm Northzone and found a board member who also sits with Spotify.

Oct 2017: Global launch and rise to notoriety

In October, Neverthink was launched as a website and in AppStores globally, with wide media recognition and organic user reach.

In the press

“Neverthink will keep you entertained for hours on end.”

“Just want to sit back, relax, and escape from your reality for a bit, Neverthink is the app for you”

“Neverthink is a video app for when you really want to lean back”


“Just surf through the channels, switch off your brain, and enjoy!”


“This thing is hypnotic! I turned it on and suddenly a lot of time passed”


Our contributions:

  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • PR & Marketing
  • Analytics & optimization
  • Legal help in contracting and policies
  • Frontend & backend development


Let's venture!

Sarita Runeberg

Business Development Director at Reaktor

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